About Belinda Nolan

Visual Art, through photography, has long been part of my response to understanding light and colour, which began on my tenth birthday after receiving a Kodak instamatic camera.

Several years later whilst studying education and communications, I would spend much of my time in the dark room on campus. It was at this time I met Grace Cossington Smith, one of Australia's greatest artists, when working as a kitchen hand in a nursing home where Grace resided.

Our first meeting left an indelible mark, and even though I went on to work in education which included facilitating community arts projects, Grace’s inner light and generosity of spirit, set me on a path to explore painting, which would eventually become my passion, alongside photography.

Over the years I have exhibited as a photographer in both solo and group shows, but painting and drawing, through public exhibitions has been more recent.

I am aware that generally in the art world artists are asked to specialize in their practice, be it painting, photography, ceramics etc. This pigeonholing seemed constraining, for photography helps me surrender to the moment, whilst painting and drawing extend time, building layers of perception; each helping to inform the other.

As a qualified meditation teacher and colour therapist, I am also passionate about helping others to connect with their inner artist, by quietening the critic and trusting their own process of discovery. 

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